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NextStep Recycling provides opportunities for people to learn about electronic waste’s impact on our environment, technology to those who do not have access, and job skills training for those with barriers to employment.

NextStep Recycling:

Job Training Partnerships

NextStep Recycling is dedicated to helping people from all walks of life learn new skills, find employment, and progress in their lives and careers.

NextStep Recycling presently works with:

  • Lane Workforce Partnership
  • Oregon Department of Human Services
  • Laurel Hill Center
  • Springfield Special Education Life Skills Program
  • Lane County Community Services
  • Specialized Employment Services
  • State of Oregon Jobs Plus Program
  • Experience Works Federal Job Program
  • University of Oregon – Internship
  • Lane Community College – Internship
  • Pioneer Pacific – Internship
  • A3 Highschool – Internship
  • Mckenzie Personal

NextStep offers job and social skills training to community members of all abilities. We work with many social services agencies, schools, and nonprofits, connecting their clients with real-life work experience. We have three training opportunities for volunteers. We recognize and support the abilities of each participant rather than focusing on their prior life experiences or disabilities.

  • 60-hour training

Part of our education curriculum includes an internet-ready computer.

NextStep Recycling

Placement Partnerships

Community Supported Shelters

Adventure Children’s Museum

Oregon Black Education Foundation

Veteran’s Legacy

Easter Seals

Looking Glass

15th Night

Goodwill Job Connections

KindTree Productions Autism Rocks!

Kind Tree receives requests for systems for anyone with autism, including families, and refers the request to NextStep Recycling.
Laurel Hill Center

Laurel Hill Center is committed to helping people with psychiatric disabilities make choices and acquire skills that increase their self-reliance and ability to live and work in the community.
Bridgeway House

Bridgeway House serves the needs of children with autism and related disabilities while educating and supporting their families.
ARC Lane County

The Arc advocates for enhancing dignity, expanding opportunities, and protecting the rights of persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.
Oregon Supported Living Program

Oregon Supported Living Program is a non-profit agency supporting adults with developmental disabilities. Individual programs are designed not only to meet the person’s needs but, just as importantly, to allow them to realize their desires, wishes, and dreams.
Direction Services

Direction Service has four major programs: Family Support & Service Coordination, Information Services, Counseling Center, and Center for Appropriate Dispute Resolution in Special Education

NextStep Recycling:

Community Outreach

Our efforts include educational speaking engagements and seminars in which we talk to students from Kindergarten through Graduate School about the importance of lowering electronic waste.

By informing our community about how they can recycle items that would otherwise be highly harmful to our environment, we hope to encourage individuals to change their behavior and way of thinking. We hope to keep our community safe from waste to meet our priority of empowering people to protect their planet. We also participate in community events on national holidays such as Earth Day, ReUse Day, and America Recycles Day.

Please contact us to schedule one of our staff to speak to your group or attend an event.

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