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Job & Social Skills Training

Green Jobs

NextStep training in three different departments: recycling, computer building, and retail.

    • In the Recycling Warehouse you will learn how to deconstruct many different kinds of electronics, and then to sort them into the appropriate containers. In the process, you learn all the parts to various kinds of electronics, including computers—which sets you up to build/repair various kinds of technology. This is a 60-hour program, although participants can stay longer if they wish.
    • In the Computer Build area participants learn to build computers. This is a 90-hour program, during which time you will learn how to build a computer from the ground up, as it were. Clearly, this is a very valuable skill that translates almost directly into the job market.
    • Finally, we always need help in both our Eugene ReUse Store. This is a 60-hour program, during which times you will learn all aspects of working in retail.

A significant proportion of the new jobs being created over the next few years will be connected with environmentally friendly services or products. Please call NextStep at 541-686-2366 ext. 131 if you are interested in any of our training programs in the green sector of the economy.

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