Volunteer Program

Volunteers are critical to the operation and success of NextStep. We need volunteers to dismantle electronics, receive donations, rebuild computers, staff the ReUse store, and train in the admin and eBay offices.  If you have a particular skill, we can use your help.

Here is a list of some of the things people do for us

  •  Pick up donations
  •  Sort and match donated items
  •  Check and clean parts and systems
  •  Recreate whole systems from donated parts
  •  Help people select a system that matches their needs
  •  Sort software and arrange systems in the ReUse Store
  •  Dismantle electronic hardware to keep e-waste out of the landfills
  •  Participate in computer round-ups in rural communities
  •  Maintain our facilities
  •  Find new donors of equipment and software

The Benefits of Volunteering

  •  You get access to reusable technology at low cost
  •  All volunteer training programs include a technology grant
  •  Enjoy the challenge of making old computers and other electronics work again
  •  Work with and learn about electronic devices you have never seen before
  •  Keep obsolete electronics out of landfills
  •  Work with other friendly and dedicated volunteers

How to Become a Volunteer

Regular volunteer orientations are scheduled every Saturday at 10:30am at:

245 Jackson St Eugene -- Directions.

Please come and learn about NextStep, and how you can be a part of our team!
Fill out and sign our volunteer application and start making a difference right away!

  •  All volunteers under the age of 18, will need their parent or guardian's signature on the volunteer application before they start to volunteer
  •  All volunteers under the age of 14, will need their parent or guardian with them at all time to volunteer at NextStep.
  •  In addition all volunteers will be asked to provide a photo ID; we will make a copy and keep it on file with their application.
  •  For safety, volunteers are required to be wearing closed toed shoes at all times while at NextStep; including volunteer orientation.

If you have questions about volunteering or volunteer orientation please give our volunteer coordinator a call at 541-686-2366.



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