Donation Center (541)686-2366
Mon-Sat 8:30am-5pm
ReUseStore (541)868-0904
Mon-Sat 10am-6pm
Sunday 11am-4pm

Accepted Items

We accept all electronic items-working or not. If it plugs in or runs on batteries, we probably take it!

If you're interested in a tour, please call 541.686.2366 and sign yourself up. We're always delighted to show community members what it is we're doing with they materials they no longer have a use for.

This is a partial list of commonly donated items, if you have questions about your donation please feel free to contact us at 541.686.2366

All-in-one office machines Ink jet printers (color and black and white)
Answering machines Keyboards
Audio equipment Laptops (any make or model)
Battery driven devices Laser Printers (color and black and white)
Blank recording media (zip disks/CD/DVD disks) Manuals/books
Zip Drives Memory chips
Cameras Metal scrap
 Hair dryers Mice
Coffee makers Microwaves (remove glass plate from inside)
CD and DVD disks Modems
Cell phones Plastic film
Circuit boards Plotters
Clocks Radios
Computers (any make or model) SCSI and IDE hard disk drives
Computer monitors (any make or model) Software
Copper scrap Sound cards
CPU partial systems Stainless steel scrap
Desktop copiers Stereos
Digital cameras Ink Jet cartridges
Docking stations Telephones
Drawing tablets Televisions
Ethernet cards Toner for laser writers
Ethernet hubs Typewriters
Expansion cards Fax machines
Flatbed scanners VCR/DVD/laser disk players
Floppy disk drives Video cards
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