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E-Cycles Law Begins January 1st

E-Cycles Law Begins January 1st

By Aaron Ofseyer
for KEZI News

EUGENE, Ore. -- Beginning January 1st, it will be illegal to dispose of certain electronics.

In 2007, Oregon created legislation to educate and help residents and businesses recycle their computers, monitors and televisions for free.

There are now more than 200 collection sites statewide like Next Step Recycling in Eugene.

"We also take household electronics: stereos, lamps, radios, clocks, business electronics. And we're hoping that we will see more of that, along with the four covered electronics that are connected to this legislation," says Lorraine Kerwood of Next Step Recycling.

The purpose of the ban is to reduce the amount of toxic substances that end up in our landfills and to conserve resources. Manufacturers currently foot the bill for the costs associated with recycling.

"If a manufacturer is having to take care of their product at the end of life, they're going to be designing those products so that they have less toxic components in them. Making them easier to recycle."

The law does not include computer accessories like keyboards, mice, speakers or scanners. Yet there are still places like next step that will help you recycle these accessories at no cost.

"If the DEQ does a waste audit and discovers electronics that are covered under the bill in the landfill, somebody's going to get fined. And it doesn't have to be you!"

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