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3rd Year Anniversary Grand Re-Opening SUCCESS!

3rd Year Anniversary Grand Re-Opening SUCCESS!

Lane County Commissioner Bobby Green, BRING Recycling Director Julie{nl}Daniel, Lane County Solid Waste Specialist Sarah Grimm, and Master{nl}Recycler Coordinator Nina Whitney spoke to community members about the{nl}importance of NextStep's expansion and our work in the community. {nl}

The Eugene Chamber of Commerce and the Springfield Chamber of Commerce were in attendance and assisted with our ribbon cutting. Lorraine introduced our outstanding managers, staff, and volunteers to the community and spoke about the wonderfulness that is NextStep Recycling! Thanks to everyone who donated their time, gifts, money, and energy.

Our Development Director, Isbel Ingham, and our Board Chair, Dr. Phyllis Haddox worked closely together to make this event happen. Thanks so much, Dr Haddox for being the main sponsor for the Grand Re-Opening!

A special thank you to our Board members Mieke Stevens, Patrick Stevens, and Rebecca Silver for helping out. A big thank you to all the Lane County Master Recyclers who provided their expertise to the community. Un grande le agradece a Geiner Vindas and Patricia Cortez who provided Spanish translation. We were also honored by a wonderful performance by Ballet Folklorico Xochilequetzul.

Action Rental provided tents, heater, the podium, safety cones, and chairs so everyone was comfy during the speeches! Weyerhaeuser donated 6 cakes so we had cake on all three days of the event. Our neighbor, Aquarius Water donated gazillion bottles of water, Plaza Latina donated 40 tamales,

Over the last three years, NextStep has recycled over 750 tons (over one 1,500,000 pounds!) of electronic waste. The new location will allow NextStep, and people in our community, to take the next step in their recycling, by providing Lane County with a place where people can dispose of ALL of their obsolete electronics, not just those related to computer technology. "People are becoming increasingly aware of the need to recycle their old computers and household electronics, responsibly," Executive Director Lorraine Kerwood says. "NextStep is stepping up its efforts to make this more convenient and efficient, and to educate businesses and community members about how important it is keep electronic waste out of our waste streams. We consider ourselves a model in Oregon, of responsible electronics disposal and we want to get even better at it".

Recycling is not the only, or even the most important thing NextStep does, however. "A report by the UN found that it takes an average of 1.8 tons of raw materials to manufacture one new desktop PC and monitor," Kerwood says. "More and more, recyclers and consumers are coming to understand that it's much more energy-efficient to reuse electronics, when possible, than make new ones". NextStep refurbishes a variety of electronic items, selling some of it in its [now expanded] reuse thrift store, and placing the rest with members of the community who could not otherwise afford it.

Founded in 2002, first as MacRenewal, and then as Computer Reuse and Recycling Center, by Lorraine Kerwood, NextStep is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting our environment and providing technology, job and social skill training to our community members.

NextStep also serves as the umbrella organization for Partners in Solidarity, a non-profit dedicated to placing technology in Guatemalan communities, and works in partnership with World Computer Exchange, an international educational nonprofit focused on helping the world's poorest youth bridge the global divides in information, technology and understanding.

Our drawing winners are:
Itziri Moreno: JC Penney's Manicure
Rich Llammas: Outback Steakhouse (donated by Earth Protection Services, Inc)
Yalauda Cantlo: Sweet Life gift certificate
Dave MorPiet: Greater Goods gift certificate
Randall Keith: Outback Steakhouse gift certificate (donated by EPSI)
Bill Xiarhes: Penelope's Mediterranean Cuisine gift certificate
Randall Keith: Outback Steakhouse gift certificate (donated by EPSI)
Mike Grudzion: Gervais Gift Basket
There were certificates in the pinatas for iMac computers. The winners were:
Ramon Artola: won an iMac computer
Miranda Williams: won an iMac computer
Jeremy Mullins: won an iMac computer
Jessica Williams: won an iMac computer

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