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How to Support Us

Do you believe that access to technology opens the door to opportunity? We do, too.
Help us achieve our goal to have a computer in the hands of every person in Lane County.

Get involved.

Want to do something but you aren't sure how you can help? Your time is always appreciated. We are looking for people to volunteer to mentor our staff and volunteers If you work in manufacturing, you may have great insight into efficiencies that we'd love to learn about. Or perhaps you have retail experience and could lend some ideas to our ReUse store staff. Whatever your area of expertise, we'd like to hear from you, meet you, and give you a tour.

To learn more on volunteering with NextStep, click here

Give a helping hand.

Take the $10 challenge. Donate $10 a month for a year to NextStep and you'll help someone get a new-to-them computer complete with updated memory, hard drive, software, testing, and training on its use.

It costs about $160 to get a computer from our hands to those of a person who may not otherwise ever have access to technology. Persons that receive computers are the most marginalized members of our community including but not limited to the disabled, the elderly, and children.

To donate now, click here

Clean out your closet.

If you're like us, you might hang on to stuff for a while. You might put it in a container and store it, move it to your new home, put it in the attic and then years later re-discover it. This is something that many of us do. However, for technology, there is a shelf-life. After a while, we stopped using floppy disks and switched to CD-roms and later we use thumb drives and that will change too. We encourage you to clean out your closet now and bring in your technology to us for recycle or reuse. This will give you more space, keep garbage out of the landfill, and maybe even help a person in need.

For donation center location and hours, click here

Sponsor a program.

NextStep offers many programs designed to empower people in our community. We offer programs to train people how to take technology items- such as laptops and cell phones- apart and refurbish them. We teach software installation and testing skills. We even teach users how to interact with their technology. Programs are offered for all ages and help empower our community members to gain the knowledge they need to improve their employment, education, and environment.

For more information on what you can do to support your community please email us at

Thank you sponsors and partners!

Many businesses choose to donate their hardware to us. Thank you to our hardware donors!

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