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Technology Grants

What are Technology Grants?

NextStep is committed to bridging the digital divide and leveling the educational playing field for all children. Access to technology allows kids to do their homework at home, permits wheelchair bound/home bound individuals to connect to the wide world, supports chronically ill individuals to learn more about their illness, and helps people who are unemployed apply for benefits and look for a job.

Technology grants can include any electronic item we receive in donation. A grant could consist of an Internet ready computer, an alarm clock, a lamp, a cell phone, a desk, a table, or, in classroom situations - a computer lab. We receive direct referrals from social service agencies, teachers, medical workers, and other nonprofits that work with our target poplutions. We do not accept applications from individuals. We place technology with the following marginalized populations:

  • children and adults living in foster care
  • persons who experience disabilities
  • seniors and others living in poverty
  • family members leaving domestically violent relationships
  • migrant worker family members
  • underfunded schools
  • underfunded nonprofits

NextStep also works with other nonprofits locally, nationally, and internationally - placing technology grants in underfunded schools, rural clinics, senior centers, and group homes.

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